Established Patients

Preparing For Your Next Visit

We value your time.  In order to make your visits to our dental and/or orthodontic office more smooth and efficient, we ask that you update our records by completing any appropriate forms before your next scheduled pediatric dental or orthodontic appointment.

Also, please keep us apprised of anything going on in your kid’s life – accomplishments we can compliment them on, struggles we can support – we want to make sure that every time your kid comes to our office they feel special and like a part of the Great Beginnings and Great Smiles family.

Update Your Patient Information

As an established patient, you don’t need to fill out all the patient forms again.  You’ll only need to fill out any forms affected by changes in your life such as a change of address, marital status if you are the parent of a patient or change of insurance, etc.  You’ll find all the forms on the Patient Forms page in the Established Patients section.  You can choose to fill out the form online or to download and print the form so you can bring it to the appointment.  If you have any questions or you are not sure if you need to make changes to your form, please contact us.

Schedule An Appointment

Ready to schedule a dental appointment?  Click the button to request an appointment or call us and we’ll be happy to schedule your new appointment!

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Answering Your Dental & Orthodontic Questions

We are asked many questions about pediatric dental and orthodontic needs and want to provide you with as much information as possible. We are happy to answer these questions by phone but also provide more detailed information in our resource library. From preventive dental care to when your child should see the orthodontist – it is all there for you!

Additional Questions?

Click the link below to contact us or call us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about your kid’s pediatric dental or orthodontic needs.