Frenectomy procedures are available at the Great Beginnings Pediatric Dental Asheville location. Dr. Bill Chambers uses a specialized C02 laser to perform frenectomies on infants and children.

“This is one of the most rewarding procedures that I can perform. A frenectomy, which helps correct breastfeeding issues,  gives immediate results and improved quality of life for both the mother and the child.” – Dr. Bill Chambers

What is a Frenectomy and what are the Indicators?

The mouth has two bands of tissue called frenums which are located in and around the teeth and gums. Abnormal development in this tissue is commonly referred to as lip ties or tongue ties.

A simple procedure called a frenectomy can correct lip and tongue ties in babies and children. Untreated, these conditions can result in nutritional problems, colic or excessive gas, gastric reflux, excessive drooling, gagging, sleep apnea, inconsistent sleeping patterns, speech problems, dental decay,  jaw growth and development issues.

Early indicators of lip or tongue ties are nursing/feeding difficulties that may include:

Symptoms for Babies

  • No effective or unsustained latch onto breast
  • Prolonged feeding times
  • Unsatisfied hunger after prolonged feeding (poor milk transfer)
  • Falls asleep easily while feeding
  • Gumming or chewing on nipple
  • Poor weight gain or failure to thrive
  • Gas, colic symptoms and/or reflux, including vomiting
  • Infant arching or aggressive refusal of breast
  • Upper lip blister
  • Licking sounds during feeding

Symptoms for Mothers

  • Nipple trauma:  cracked, bruised, bleeding, blistered, creased, blanched or flattened nipples
  • Severe pain with latch of infant during nursing
  • Continued pain during nursing
  • Incomplete breast drainage
  • Reduction of milk flow
  • Infected nipples
  • Mastitis or nipple thrush
  • Recurring plugged ducts


The Frenectomy Procedure

Frenectomy procedures are performed at the Great Beginnings Pediatric Dental Asheville location using a specialized C02 laser. Benefits of a laser surgical approach include:

  • Rapid ablation using CO2 laser as opposed to cutting the tissue
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • No need for local anesthesia
  • No sutures
  • Virtually painless
  • Nearly bloodless
  • Reduces bacteria
  • Precise and conservative
  • Decreased swelling
  • Reduced post-operative pain

Scheduling a Frenectomy Consultation

Our experienced staff members are available to answer your questions about this procedure. Please call or contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment. Consultations may be performed at the Asheville, Waynesville or Sylva Great Beginnings offices. Procedures are only performed in the Asheville office.